Page Through The Parks Kick-Off!

Welcome, August — you season of school shopping and diminishing vacation days.
Ugh, right?

But wait! This year, August ushers in something fresh and new but everlasting — a celebration of the National Parks. A centennial celebration, in fact! On August 25, the U.S. National Park Service turns 100 year old — 100 years of valued and protected wild spaces, 100 years of adventure and breathing space and wide-eyed wonderment.

My book IN THE CANYON, is set in a National Park (Grand Canyon National Park) and it follows a young girl and her family as they wind their way from the rim down to the river — a hike I’ve been lucky enough to do myself.

This month, I’m joining authors Janet Fox and Barb Rosenstock — both of whom also have books featuring National Parks — in a celebratory effort we’re calling Page Through The Parks.

Page Through The Parks! (1)

We’ve launched a facebook page and a Twitter hashtag (#readUSA) where you’ll be able to follow everything we’re up to.

We are doing Goodreads Give-Aways for all three books!
In The Canyon
Janet’s Faithful
Barb’s The Camping Trip That Changed America

We’ve launched a great big grand prize Rafflecopter giveaway especially for teachers and librarians. (Link coming as soon as I can figure out how to share it!)

We’ve compiled a book list nearly as long as the canyon is deep featuring National Parks to share with your children and students.

And we’ll be bouncing around blogs — our own and others — talking about the National Parks and the books they’ve inspired! This week (lucky me) we’re focusing on The Grand Canyon! I’ll be posting everyday and dear Janet Fox had me over to her place to talk too! (See that post here!) Thanks, Janet!

Now, like our facebook page, enter our give-aways and have a look around.
Then? Go for a swim or hike or something!
That’s what the National Park System would like you to do!

Posted on 08/01/2016 12:51 pm

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