Poetry Project — January, 2017

A new year would be incomplete without new poetry! I’ve gathered with my sisters-in-words once again to debut a new set of poems each month — all focused on a certain form, or theme, or both. I know — it sounds like last year. And the year before. But this time, of course, with new assignments!

So we’re starting with the Somonka — a Japanese form that is really just two tankas put together like love letters — so imagine two voices speaking the different stanzas. The rules for a tanka are five unlined rhymes, with 5/7/5/7/7 syllables, respectively.

I loved this form, and wrote several, but they all ended up with too much snark and not enough sweet. I’m sorry about that. I have a heck of a head cold. But regardless, here they are and let’s hope I’ll have softened up by next month. 🙂


A Love of Winter

Air brisk & cheeks pink
I love you, January
Everything feels new!
I jump out of bed for you
(Except when I just cannot)

Feckless southerner
I put my all into this
Thirty-one whole days
But you’re only game for three
Unrequited, I freeze up



Breakfast is at five
You forget, so I wake you
You’re so forgetful
You cup my ears in your hands
Ask, “Who’s this? Who’s a good boy?”

You stand under me
When I turn I nearly trip
Furry reminder
I’m not alone – you are here
You are always here for me


A Good Soak

Yes, I’m claw-footed
but I run hot and heavy —
I hold you, my dear,
in my porcelain embrace,
while you try to slip away.

I come for comfort
I long to be warm and held
but this is too still
and confining. Lethargic,
I find I must pull the plug.

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Posted on 01/06/2017 02:13 pm


  1. Please tell me that second poem is about a dog, because that’s where my first love poem took me. I love that you wrote about such varied topics. I adore the poem about the bath, and your January poem had me laughing. Thank you for sharing and for prompting us.


  2. Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

    I hope you feel better soon. And what I wouldn’t give for a claw-foot tub. Loved your poems, snark and all.


  3. I LOVE that tub one – I adore nice hot baths, but there comes a moment… I hope that you’re feeling better soon – my poems tended toward snark as well this month. Ah, January!


  4. An abundance to love here! I especially like how you’ve played with the “embrace” of a tub and other forms of affection. I don’t see much snark, just clever play.


  5. Love your snark AND your wordplay. But especially love the dog one. Something about January makes me appreciate the here-ness of my dog all the more.


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