Haiku 16 — April 16, 2017

I am nearing the end of my time with a houseful of teenagers but I gotta tell you —
I love nothing more than a houseful of teenagers.

Passionate, hilarious, surprising, honest, full of love.
I’ll take ’em every chance I can…

Haiku 16

They talk like they sing
No lyrics or liner notes
but with perfect pitch

Haiku 15 — April 15, 2017

We went to a backyard Seder on Friday night and tomorrow’s Easter. Plus, spring! Tis the ecumenical season of reflection and new starts.

Haiku 15

Like an egg, waiting
I am more than a tough shell
I’m tender and bright!

Haiku 14 — April 14, 2017

Haiku 14

Scissors like blue crabs
snip snip snip relentlessly
until my hair’s gone

Haiku 13 — April 13, 2017

I used to dread Texas summers but I’ve been here long enough now (nearly half my life?!?!) that I welcome them. The heat. The water. The freedom.

Haiku 13

From the ground: water!
Like magic, this bright surprise
makes everyone shriek

Haiku 12 — April 12, 2017

Tonight we begin our two-weeks of time with Joy, a Nigerian teenager visiting the University of Texas for a leadership conference. This is her first time to leave her home country, and we could not be more flattered or excited to be her hosts. Other than her supreme skepticism of our dog, we’ve gotten off to a truly sweet start.

Haiku 12

A friendship made fast
Harry Potter and hot tea
Why is peace so hard?