Haiku 29 — April 29

Wishing my husband a happy birthday today.
A day of joy and pleasure.
A year of ease and also adventure.

Haiku 29

Hey! It’s your birthday!
Let this year be your best yet
and I will come along.

Haiku 27 — April 27

Haiku 27

If you board a plane
why not be slack-jawed and stunned?
Why not be amazed?

Haiku 26 — April 26

Haiku 26

If you have to eat
you might as well eat with friends.
(You know who you are.)

Haiku 25 — April 25

Haiku 26

I spend so much time
driving there and back again.
Existential angst!

Haiku 24 — April 24

Our time with Joy — our visiting student from Nigeria — has come to an end.
How we will miss her. She taught us a lot about being open and fearless.
Travel safely, Joy!

Haiku 24

Two weeks just flies by
when you are learning so much
and laughing so hard.