Things To Do — Poetry Project Poems for May, 2017

Oh, this month’s challenge felt lovely, light and fun to me. I could’ve kept writing and writing. It’s Friday today and the weekend feels spacious, so maybe I will! These are seasonal “Things To Do” poems — and there are lots more to read if you visit my Poetry Sisters’ sites too. (Do!)

Things To Do If You’re April
as summer one day
(all opulent green and
and purple, the exact scent
of grape punch) and then,
like a harlequin, become winter
again, wearing a quiet white mask

Things To Do If You’re Lantana
Grow like a weed

Things To Do If You’re a Squirrel
Scurry, Scurry, Scurry

Things To Do If You’re an Oak
Settle into who you’re meant to be
Take up all the space you need
Scatter acorns
Spread sticky pollen
Touch the tops of other people’s houses
Everything is under your influence

Things To Do If You’re May
Help us graduate
From this season to that
Help us begin something new


And for more poems of all varieties, the wonderful Jama’s hosting Poetry Friday today!

Haiku 30 — April 30

I’m at yet another diving meet.
I never get tired of diving meets.
They’re not really the kind of thing one grows tired of.
If one has a nervous system. If you know what I mean.

Haiku 30

I have gotten good
at gasping under my breath.
You don’t know I’m scared.

And, with that, I’ll say, Goodbye, April. So long haiku. Till next year!
Thanks for joining me, friends!

Haiku 29 — April 29

Wishing my husband a happy birthday today.
A day of joy and pleasure.
A year of ease and also adventure.

Haiku 29

Hey! It’s your birthday!
Let this year be your best yet
and I will come along.

Haiku 27 — April 27

Haiku 27

If you board a plane
why not be slack-jawed and stunned?
Why not be amazed?

Haiku 26 — April 26

Haiku 26

If you have to eat
you might as well eat with friends.
(You know who you are.)