Stuff That’s Great Good — Dog Days

Back At It!
This week has included a wisdom teeth extraction for one daughter, a nearly-botched airline trip for another daughter, some lost keys, some spoiled milk. You know the drill. Lucky for me, it’s also included the launch of a new picture book (IN THE CANYON, illustrated by the most-amazing Ashley Wolff) and my wedding anniversary (today!). But all that aside, I don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about Ivy and Paul and the Stuff That’s Great Good series!


Dog Days
In fact, I was thinking of Ivy when I was writing the previous paragraph. I was thinking, Life. What a thing. And then I was thinking, Good thing I’ve got my dog. Because, y’know, he’s kind of what keeps me from crazy during weeks like these. And keeps me from lonely. And keeps me from lazy. It’s a lot of responsibility but he steps up every time.

FullSizeRender (3)

But Ivy Green, my heroine in THE GREAT GOOD SUMMER doesn’t have a dog. She wants one. She really wants one. She actually says, “Personally, I think if you’re an only child, you should automatically be issued a dog when you’re born, as a consolation prize…”

So Ivy, these stories are for you.
(And I wish I could really get you a dog!)

Dogs and Only Children in India
12 Reasons to Get a Dog
Dogs: The Only Sibling a Child Needs
Pinterest Pets

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Stuff That’s Great Good — Week Two

Welcome Back!
I was so glad to announce our Week One Winner yesterday — congratulations, Barbara Moon! And now today we’ll get back at it. This new blog series is all about looking at things that would intrigue Ivy Green and Paul Dobbs — the main characters of my new middlegrade novel, THE GREAT GOOD SUMMER.


Storytime — Where???
So far I’ve talked about things that Paul would get psyched about (all space-related) and things that Ivy would be into (discussions of road trips, journaling and middle names — she’s a little more of a rennaissance gal than Paul ). But today I’m sharing something that both Paul and Ivy would be over the moon about that. (Didja see how I did that? A space pun?)


But seriously. This cool, cool thing combines space (which Paul loves) and literature (which Ivy loves) and IDEAS, which it turns out they’re both pretty good at. The Global Space Education Foundation is currently developing and piloting a Story Time From Space! As in, astronauts reading stories from way up in the International Space Station that us earthlings can listen to way down here. Whoa, right? Check it out here!

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Stuff That’s Great Good — Congrats, Barbara Moon!

And We Have a Winner!
Thank you all for your enthusiasm last week as I kicked off this new blog series. It was so much fun to share so many Paul- and Ivy-ish details and delights with you. And since so many of you liked, shared, commented and re-tweeted, we had a list of 57 folks to pick from in a very scientific slips-of-paper-in-a-mixing-bowl kind of drawing.


And the winner of this week’s prize is…


Barbara Moon!
(Barbara — when you see this, will you reach out to me via IM or email with your address?)
Barbara wins a signed copy of THE GREAT GOOD SUMMER and a little extra treat or two! Congrats, Barbara.

But That’s Not All!
Last week was just the beginning. I’m going to continue with this blog series for a few more weeks, starting later today, and there will be three more chances to win. So don’t give up, folks. Same rules as before — like, comment, share or retweet and you’re entered. Many thanks, and think big!


Stuff That’s Great Good — Reboot the Suit!

Wrapping Up Week One
Ooooo, this has been a fun week! I’ve loved sharing all the bits and bobs I’ve collected about space travel, and bus travel, and middle names — all things that would really matter to the characters from my middle grade novel, THE GREAT GOOD SUMMER.


Reboot the Suit!
Today I’m sharing something a little bit different — a link to a Kickstarter campaign! This a special Kickstarter — it’s about conserving and digitizing and exhibiting Neil Armstrong and Alan Shepard’s spacesuits!


What my character Paul Dobbs wouldn’t do to get a load of these suits! Or even one of the rewards, like “a boot print from the Apollo 11 mission on a mega-attractive Cling-On Decal.” Maybe we can go ahead and donate since Paul really can’t. 🙂

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Stuff That’s Great Good — Ivy’s Name

Day Four
Thanks for stopping by, friends! If you visited earlier this week, you know that I’ve started a new blog series called Stuff That’s Great Good. The whole point is to share news and links to things that would mean something to Ivy Green and Paul Dobbs, the main characters of my book The Great Good Summer.


What’s In a Name?
So far I’ve shared stories of journeys — be they by bus or by spaceship — but today I found something that would’ve meant a lot to Ivy long before her mama disappeared, long before she set off on her own great good adventure.

One of Ivy’s old sorrows (we’ve all got them, I think) is that she wasn’t given a middle name when she was born. Her parents have their reasons, but that does nothing to assuage Ivy’s feelings of inadequacy and deficiency. She’s ached for a middle name her whole life, and spends part of The Great Good Summer looking for one.

And now, here comes someone called The Name Lady who agrees with her! Nothing like a good dose of validation to make a girl’s day.


It turns out that lots of folks have thoughts on middle names:
Here’s the BBC…
And the folks at Mental Floss
And The Daily Mail

Ivy would be so relieved to find out she’s not alone!

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