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Who is This For?
Thanks for stopping by again. And I hope you’ll share this series with your friends. I mean, your reader-friends who would love to know more about the “real lives” of characters… your writer-friends who want to talk about ways to more deeply know and develop the folks they people their books with… your spacey friends and road trippy friends and anyone, really, who’s into some of the same of the same Great Good Stuff that Ivy Green and Paul Dobbs are into!


Wouldn’t Paul Love This?
My friend Paul Dobbs wants to get as far away from life in Loomer, Texas as possible. And when he says far away, he means outer space!


So how much would he love this story from The Atlantic about living on the International Space Station?

And what about this — a live feed of the view from up there!

And finally, if he absolutely positively has to stay down here on earth for awhile, here’s how he can get a glimpse of the International Space Station while keeping his feet on the ground.

There’s so much going on out there, isn’t it? And we don’t even think about it most of the time.

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Stuff That’s Great Good — Teeth!

More Fun!
Thanks for coming back, friends. I’m happy to have shipped off prize packages to the first two Great Good Winners, and happy to have collected a couple of weeks-worth of Paul- and Ivy-related links and stories. Stuff That’s Great Good has been fun so far, at least for me.


Life or Art?
The whole idea of this blog series was to find and share things from Real Life that dovetail with Ivy and Paul’s quirks and interests, as revealed in my book The Great Good Summer. That means I’ve done posts on road trips, and space, and middle names, and even why only children should own dogs!

FullSizeRender (3)

The Dreaded Dentist
But today, instead of going out to the interwebs to find you stories and links, I’ve got a personal tale to tell — and it’s one that would make Ivy both cringe and laugh.

One thing we find out in The Great Good Summer is that Ivy’s got terrible, cavity-prone teeth — and she’s not a fan of the dentist.Well, last week my younger daughter spent some time in the dentist chair herself — having her wisdom teeth pulled. It’s been a rough few days of pain, soft foods and chipmunk cheeks.


But I thought, to keep things fun for my pal Ivy, that I’d share a few of the best lines captured as my girl emerged from anesthesia:

“I just want to be free! That’s why I came to this country — to be free!”

“Did you know they took my feet? They took my feet. That’s why I don’t have feet anymore.”

“Why are you holding an orangutan? Why did you get an orangutan without me? I wanted to help pick him out! I wanted him to be named after me!” (This one got particularly funny after my husband said, “We did name him after you — we named him Willa!” and she said, “Well THAT’S not very creative.”)

It should also be noted that during most of this nonsequiturial discussion, she thought my husband was Obama. So. There you go, Ivy. Teeth.


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Stuff That’s Great Good — Another Winner!!

Last week I was slightly skimpy on the posts but you all were still enthusiastic with your likes and shares and re-tweets and what not. And for that, I thank you! So I put all of your names back in the bowl and…


Ta-da! This week’s winner is Doug Marshall! Congratulations, Doug. There’s a great good care package coming your way just as soon as get your snail mail address!


There’s More
Never fear — I’ve still got a few more links to share and prizes to pick. My Stuff That’s Great Good series will continue this week and next. Think of it as my way of dragging out summer as long as humanly possible!

Stuff That’s Great Good — Astronauts!

Characters are People Too
Writing a novel takes a long time. Or at least it takes me a long time! So by the end of it all, you can grow kind of attached to the characters. In my case, I kind of feel like the main characters in THE GREAT GOOD SUMMER are my own kids or something. And, well, I just miss them. I’m constantly seeing stuff that they’d like or that would interest them. I want to tell them about this or that, and then I remember — darn — they’re just characters. Or are they?


This blog series, Stuff That’s Great Good, is my way of keeping Ivy and Paul alive and well, in my heart and on the interwebs!

Invading Astronauts
Ya’ll know by now that Paul is really into space. As in, obsessed. He wanted to be one of the astronauts to fly the Space Shuttle someday — until he heard that the Space Shuttle program was shutting down.


So imagine his thrill if he heard about all this super fun astronaut enthusiasm happening in Seattle! I’ve gotta say, I think it would inspire him — and his sidekick Ivy — to take another road trip.

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Stuff That’s Great Good — Dog Days

Back At It!
This week has included a wisdom teeth extraction for one daughter, a nearly-botched airline trip for another daughter, some lost keys, some spoiled milk. You know the drill. Lucky for me, it’s also included the launch of a new picture book (IN THE CANYON, illustrated by the most-amazing Ashley Wolff) and my wedding anniversary (today!). But all that aside, I don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about Ivy and Paul and the Stuff That’s Great Good series!


Dog Days
In fact, I was thinking of Ivy when I was writing the previous paragraph. I was thinking, Life. What a thing. And then I was thinking, Good thing I’ve got my dog. Because, y’know, he’s kind of what keeps me from crazy during weeks like these. And keeps me from lonely. And keeps me from lazy. It’s a lot of responsibility but he steps up every time.

FullSizeRender (3)

But Ivy Green, my heroine in THE GREAT GOOD SUMMER doesn’t have a dog. She wants one. She really wants one. She actually says, “Personally, I think if you’re an only child, you should automatically be issued a dog when you’re born, as a consolation prize…”

So Ivy, these stories are for you.
(And I wish I could really get you a dog!)

Dogs and Only Children in India
12 Reasons to Get a Dog
Dogs: The Only Sibling a Child Needs
Pinterest Pets

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