April 16 – Haiku 16

Haiku 16

bare branch without blooms
my ring is at the jeweler's
and I miss it so

April 15 – Haiku 15

For days now,
our Tall One's been suffering through
a late season flu.

I'm aching for her…

Haiku 15

her fever rages
each soft cheek a burning bush
cool cloth can't slake fire

April 14 – Haiku 14

Today I read to 40-some kids in a grocery store in San Antonio, with a lovely mom-blogger next to me reading the same books in Spanish, and everyone happily munching on Cheerios the whole time.

You probably know already that the good folks at General Mills pair up with the good folks at First Book every year to get millions of books out to millions of kids via their breakfast cereal boxes. And I did say millions. Wow. This is the 10th year of the really smart and generous Spoonful of Stories campaign, and I am so honored to have been a part of it twice — with All the World and Noodle & Lou. 

It is powerful recognition that books feed children and help build whole and healthy people. What's not to love?

Haiku 14

kids like little birds
choosing each O carefully,
making nests of books

April 13 – Haiku 13

We were lucky enough to be invited to the most lovely, organic, outdoor Passover Seder on Friday night. Lucky especially since we're not at all Jewish.

But these friends take their generosity seriously, so there we were — sitting at one of four long tables — a peach tree heavy with fruit on one side — a buffet laden with love on the other — and scripts.

We read around and around the tables — those who know Hebrew and those who don't, the young and the old, the shy and the dramatic. The words were punctuated by song — from gospel to reggae — all live — and sips of wine and bits of matzah along the way.

Haiku 13

egg, wine, bitter greens
we are the mixed multitudes,
we have time to rise

April 12 – Haiku 12

Haiku 12

Bagpipes wavering
right outside our class tonight
Focus flits and shifts