Haiku 20 — April 20

I’m in San Antonio with my collaborator and accountability pal Audrey Vernick.
Today we are locking ourselves away in our hotel room and writing.
Away from all the distractions of the world.
Wish us well!

Haiku 20

Why is it so hard
to sit down and do the work
that we truly love?

Haiku 19 — April 19

Haiku 19

Some folks go to prom
Authors fill every dance card
with librarians

Haiku 18 — April 18

Haiku 18

Some things cross cultures:
love and food and empathy.
Also? Volleyball!

Haiku 17, April 17

Hello, Dear Reader — Welcome to what we’ll call April Revisited, which is like Brideshead Revisited only with a much lower budget and Texan instead of British. Actually it’s nothing like that — I’m just trying to make myself feel better. Because, thanks to a technological snafu (that may have been in part due to, well, ME), half of my National Poetry Month haikus didn’t post!!! Aaaaaaak!! At least that’s how I feel.

So, I’m going to do my best to re-create the month (most of my originals are in my notebook or on my phone) but probably with far fewer photos. Which is ok. I didn’t promise photos. I promised the practice of haiku.

And, I apologize to the one-and-a-half of you who were wondering what happened to my haiku. My April was SO crazy with work and travel and life that I didn’t realize until NOW what had happened. Which is an indication that I need more slow down, more yoga and more haiku in my daily life.

Love to all! And here goes…

Today I made one of the many school visits I’m lucky enough to make each year. It was a funny and moving and surprising thing. It always is. Kids. They keep you guessing. And hopping. And writing.

Haiku 17

Some dreams do come true
like having an audience
in a library

Haiku 16 — April 16, 2017

I am nearing the end of my time with a houseful of teenagers but I gotta tell you —
I love nothing more than a houseful of teenagers.

Passionate, hilarious, surprising, honest, full of love.
I’ll take ’em every chance I can…

Haiku 16

They talk like they sing
No lyrics or liner notes
but with perfect pitch