Haiku 2 — April 2, 2017

Welcome, my friends, to another National Poetry Month.
This is my ninth April dedicated to writing daily haiku.
I’d love for you to join me!

Haiku 2

In the key of C
Sunday morning storms outside
become song in here

Haiku 1 — April 1, 2017

Yep. Again with the haiku. It’s been nearly a decade now that I’ve devoted my April to haiku.
It’s National Poetry Month. This is my practice. Here goes…

Haiku 1, April 1

What’s necessary?
What’s luxury? What’s pure fun?
Clear the mind. Start fresh.

Happy April my friends!

Poetry Project — March 2017

Tanita gifted us this lovely photograph as source material for our ekphrastic poems this month. (Crediting the Creative Commons…)

I played around with complicated forms and longer narratives but in the end I settled on this response, both short and simple. Enjoy it, and then go and read the others…

The Persistence of Trees

When a girl can’t reach
what she wants or needs
she grows up into herself,
the way a tree might stretch
deep from its taproot
into the generous cup of sky
in order to get the necessary
light, the light necessary
for it to flourish, to transpire,
to eventually cast
its own shadow.

My sisters’ poems are here:

Poetry Project — February 2017

The assignment? A villanelle.
The theme? Brevity, shortness.
The irony? Running out of time!

So let’s call this one a draft, shall we?
Just in under the wire.

Stitch In Time
By Liz Garton Scanlon

Let’s make it quick – this hour’s not my own
I catch a borrowed breath but don’t exhale
The stitch in time has already been sewn

Each moment passes – sinks just like a stone
The second hand a whip that raises wales
Let’s make it quick – this hour’s not my own

But can a heartbeat really be postponed?
I hurry, my old story sounding stale
The stitch in time has already been sewn

The wormhole dropped through, wrinkle blown
The minutes meted out on God’s grand scale
Let’s make it quick – this hour’s not my own

but does it matter when I cut this close to bone?
What if I stop and let the measured gears derail?
The stitch in time has already been sewn

I rip the seams and start again alone
Shake off the fetters, lift the veil
And just like that, the hour is my own
The stitch in time, so carefully re-sewn

My pal’s poems:

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Be well, my friends….

Poetry Project — January, 2017

A new year would be incomplete without new poetry! I’ve gathered with my sisters-in-words once again to debut a new set of poems each month — all focused on a certain form, or theme, or both. I know — it sounds like last year. And the year before. But this time, of course, with new assignments!

So we’re starting with the Somonka — a Japanese form that is really just two tankas put together like love letters — so imagine two voices speaking the different stanzas. The rules for a tanka are five unlined rhymes, with 5/7/5/7/7 syllables, respectively.

I loved this form, and wrote several, but they all ended up with too much snark and not enough sweet. I’m sorry about that. I have a heck of a head cold. But regardless, here they are and let’s hope I’ll have softened up by next month. 🙂


A Love of Winter

Air brisk & cheeks pink
I love you, January
Everything feels new!
I jump out of bed for you
(Except when I just cannot)

Feckless southerner
I put my all into this
Thirty-one whole days
But you’re only game for three
Unrequited, I freeze up



Breakfast is at five
You forget, so I wake you
You’re so forgetful
You cup my ears in your hands
Ask, “Who’s this? Who’s a good boy?”

You stand under me
When I turn I nearly trip
Furry reminder
I’m not alone – you are here
You are always here for me


A Good Soak

Yes, I’m claw-footed
but I run hot and heavy —
I hold you, my dear,
in my porcelain embrace,
while you try to slip away.

I come for comfort
I long to be warm and held
but this is too still
and confining. Lethargic,
I find I must pull the plug.

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