Haiku 26, April 26, 2016

Bats, some people think, are kind of creepy. Little squeaky mice with wings webbed like duck feet.
Maybe rabid. Maybe related to vampires. Most certainly unwelcome if swooping through your bedroom late at night.

But in reality? THEY ARE COOL.
And in Austin, where I live, they are an institution.

A million and a half of them — all babies and mamas — spend 6 months under the Congress Avenue bridge, fly out in dark, pretty, undulating waves every night, hungry for insects. Which is good news for those of us with sweet blood. It’s like the opposite of being bit by a vampire, really.

Bats. They get a bad rap.


Hundreds of people
A million and a half bats
Gather on one bridge

Haiku 25, April 25, 2016

There is something about the ever-changing yet ever-constant phenomenon of sunrises and sunsets that brings out the reflective in us. The thoughtful. The meditative. The fully present and aware and alive.

Each morning, a fresh start. Each evening, closure. That’s all we have…


The sky goes rosy,
lit up from the inside out.
I step into it.

Haiku 24, April 24, 2016

Somehow ego is funnier and less problematic in birds than it is people, don’t you think?
Here’s who we appreciated on our walk in Mayfield Park this morning.
I thought you’d like to see him too…


How ostentatious!
Some people are such show offs,
but can you blame them?

Haiku 23, April 23, 2016

Yes. Another poem about my favorite subject.
Sometimes I really do think all of the world’s best qualities show up in a good dog.
They are so loving and full of joy, so loyal, so tender and humane.


It’s good to stop here,
breathe, reflect, appreciate.
Then? A flying leap!

Haiku 22, April 22, 2016

My mom and dad are visiting from up north where their spring has barely started.
Ours, here, is coming to an end. But today, on Earth Day, we all met here.
In the sunshine. In front of this wild prettiness….


Passion flower blooms —
a star, a firecracker!
Today is Earth Day!